I’m a Software Engineer with a wide variety of technical interests and a rich professional background to match. My primary areas of interest include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Information Retrieval.

As a member of the Siri team at Apple, I worked on the AI systems that power the virtual personal assistant.

I used to work on the Kindle and Digital Platform at, designing and implementing large-scale, distributed, highly-available systems to service hundreds of millions of requests every day.

Before moving to Amazon, I worked at Microsoft for a little over five years in the SQL Server team on Object/Relational Mapping technologies, as well as in the Business Division on an application for Microsoft Office.

At this site you will find details about my background, the products and technologies I work on, as well as other useful references to sources of information related to my areas of interest.



Greetings from California! Welcome to my world of books, music, and technology.